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Department of Special Education

The special education department works collaboratively with general education to ensure that each eligible student receives a free and appropriate public education. Programs at each level are designed for student success.


Brooks, Adrienne 727-8548 abrooks@hampton.k12.va.us

Blunt, Jeremy 727-2536 jblunt@hampton.k12.va.us

Brown, Vernita 727-8558 vibrown@hampton.k12.va.us

Gardner, Marliyn 727-8518 mgardner1@hampton.k12.va.us

Henry, Tim 727-8547 thenry@hampton.k12.va.us

Harrington, Felicia 727-85## fharrington@hampton.k12.va.us

Jefferies, NaShawn 727-85## njefferies@hampton.k12.va.us

Lassiter, Pam 727-1432 plassiter@hampton.k12.va.us

Scherberger, Candy 727-8567 cscherberger@hampton.k12.va.us

Stubbs, Robin 727-1689

Additional Staff/ Services

Alston-Cope, Andrea Speech Language Pathologist aalstoncope@hampton.k12.va.us

Morant-Sales, Tameka Main Office D-1, tmorantsales@hampton.k12.va.us

Sawyer, Lynn; Hearing Specialist lsawyer@hampton.k12.va.us

Instructional Assistants:

Bianca Anderson branderson@hampton.k12.va.us D3

Lenora Carter lmcarter@hampton.k12.va.us F12

Brenda Cosentino bcosentino@hampton.k12.va.us D19

Ruth Davis rldavis@hampton.k12.va.us D6

Kevin Doswell kdoswell@hampton.k12.va.us F12

Nikkara Miller nmiller1@hampton.k12.va.us (Roam)

Myra Porter mporter@hampton.k12.va.us (Roam)

Susannah Schmid sschmid@hampton.k12.va.us D27

Sharon Williams swilliams@hampton.k12.va.us PAES Lab /C7