Science Dept



 The goal of our science programs is to actively engage our students to develop an understanding of and an enthusiasm for scientific discovery. We will encourage our students to generate and evaluate scientific explanations of the natural world and to productively contribute to scientific practices and discourse.  We have a renewed commitment to innovation and excellence.

Instructional Leader:  Tirzah Sarro-Jaynes

Elliott, Elizabeth 727-8542 DE BIO/ENVIR SCIENCE

Hulick, Victoria 727-8562 EARTH SCI/AP ENVIR SCIENCE

Jones, Lisa 727-8544 CHEMISTRY

Pyne, Samantha           727-1024 EARTH SC/OCEANOGRAPHY

Reynolds, Ryan            727-8541 BIOLOGY

Sarro-Jaynes, Tirzah      727-8539 BIO / BIO ANAT/ PHYS/ENVIR SCI

Snyder, Nicole 727-8534 DE OCEANOGRAPHY

Upton-Savedge, Alexis 727-8545 BIOLOGY