Math Dept

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All students can learn mathematics and deserve the opportunity to do so. Recognizing the diversity among children, Hampton educators do not expect all students to learn mathematics in the same manner, using the same resources, and in the same time frame. Instruction, therefore, focuses on an activity-based, hands-on system of delivery wherein students utilize a wide variety of manipulatives, calculators and computers to transition them from concrete understandings to pictorial representations before they embark upon abstract concepts.

Instructional Leader:  Antoinette Hunt

Brooks, Adrienne 727-8581 ALG II/TRIG/AFDA



Harrington, Felicia 727-5045 GEOM

Heflin, Thomas 727-8575 DE MATH

Hunt, Antionette 727-8581 ALG II/TRIG/AP PRE-CALC

Irby, Anna 727-8535 ALG I

Jessee, Julie 727-1675 ALG I

Loritts, Lavene 727-5085 GEOM/CAPSTONE

Mendez, Stephanie 727-8522 GEOM

Monroe-Johnson, Hollie 727-8522 GEOM

Smith, Jeffery           727-5045 GEOM

Tripathi, Ram 727-8567 PRE-CAL/PROB & STAT

Walker, Linwood 727-2187 ALG I/ALG II/TRIG/AFDA

Walker, Shaniqua 727-8535 ALG I

Williams-Morris, Melquan 727-8535 ALG I

Worrell, Thomas 727-1022 AFDA

Wynder, Chaune'   727-2187 ALGII/ TRIG/ CAPSTONE