Absent/Early Dismissal

Hampton City School Attendance Policy

Attendance on a daily basis is a mandatory requirement of all students. To assist Hampton City Schools families with becoming familiar with the attendance expectations for elementary, middle, and high school, parents and children.

If your child was Absent from School, follow the procedures below:

As your child's parent/guardian, please:

  • Call school and inform attendance clerk that your child will not be attending school that day and provide an explanation. Be sure to contact school each morning your child will be absent.

  • Upon your child returning to school, provide him/her with a note to excuse absences (save a copy for yourself for verification that note was submitted). The note should include date(s) of absences, name of child, and reason for absences.

  • If the attendance clerk is unavailable, leave a message stating: name of child, grade level, and explanation for absence.

  • If you are aware of scheduled appointments for your child (i.e., medical, dental, etc.) in advance that will take place during school hours, inform and provide documentation to the attendance clerk ahead of time or when your child returns to school.

  • If you know ahead of time your child will be out of school for two or more days due to medical reasons, death in the family, etc. keep contacting the school until you can speak to someone directly and receive instruction on how to (receive) excused absences.

  • Vacations are not excused absences.

  • Only five parent notes will be accepted to excuse absences. Beyond this, medical or other documentation will need to be submitted.

Please contact Phoebus attendance clerk, Mrs. P. Sherrod at

757.727.1002 if you have any questions.

Submit documentation of a student absence to