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Health & Physical Education

Overview: Health and Physical Education is a required credit that students need for graduation. Each student is required to pass 2 semesters of Physical Education and 2 semesters of Health to meet graduation requirements. Each student will take 1 semester of PE and 1 semester of health during both his/her 9th and 10th grade years. Driver's Education is included within the 10th grade health curriculum and will be taught 2nd 1st semester. Sophomores will take PE during the 1st 2nd semester and health during the 2nd semester. Freshmen will take health during 1st semester and PE in the 2nd semester. Please check out our website to find more detailed information offered at Phoebus High School.

Course offerings by semester:

First Semester

10th grade = Health/Driver Education

9th grade = Physical Education

Second Semester

10th grade = Physical Education

9th grade = Health


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