IDEA Academy

IDEA Governor STEM Academy at Phoebus High School
Apply for the IDEA Academy below: Applications are due to your school counselor by March 20, 2017 and packet to Phoebus High School by April 3, 2017

Information Design and Engineering Academy (IDEA) STEM Academy is offered in partnership with community businesses, industry partners, and NASA. Project Lead The Way (PLTW), is a four-year, five-course computer integrated manufacturing program for students. Additionally, a two-year robotics sequence is available with Virginia Manufacturers Association curriculum and credential. Academy programs provide the core high school level academic and technical courses needed for successful transition to postsecondary education and careers in engineer, engineer technologist, or engineering technician, programming and information technology, electronic media, and graphics design. Upon high school graduation, students will have high-tech engineering and manufacturing literacy and other critical knowledge, skills, and credentials that will prepare them for high-demand, high-wage, and high-skills information design and engineering careers in Virginia.

Phoebus High School is the home to the IDEA Governor's STEM Academy. There are three programs included in the Academy;


IDEA academy

Video and Media Technology

Students learn design basics in photography, Photoshop, and video editing using industry-standard video and audio editing programs. Students learn basic writing, directing, acting, and editing of high definition camera work to create professional videos. 

Courses include: Communications Systems, Imaging Technology, Video and Media Technology, Modeling and Simulation Technology, Digital Visualization, Journalism, Public Speaking, Acting, Technical Drama, Fashion Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing

        Examples of Career Pathways: Audio System Technician, Audio-Video Designer and Engineer, Audio-Video System Service Technician, Technical Computer Support Technician – Film, Video, and DVD, Videographer – Special Effects and Animation, Video Systems Technician, Animator, Film Editor.

Information Technology 
Students learn to create a story line for a video game, how to create web page, basic animation techniques, and how a computer works. 

Courses include: IT Fundamentals, Programming, Design/Multimedia/Web Technologies, Computer Networking, And Advanced Programming
Examples of Career Pathways: Account Manager, Applications Integrator, Call Center Support Representative, Data Systems Designer, Database Analyst, E-Business Specialist, Help Desk Specialist, Information Systems Architect, Instructional Designer, Maintenance Technician, PC Support Specialist, PC Systems Coordinator, Project Support Engineer, Systems Analyst, Technical Communicator, Testing Engineer.

Engineering and Technology  

Students learn the Engineering Design Process and how technology is created. Students develop and design new products using industry-recognized design software, rapid prototyping, mechatronics, and robotics. 

Courses include: Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design and Development, Technical Drawing, Electronics/Industrial Robotics Technology, 
Examples of Career Pathways: Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer, Application Engineer, Architectural Engineer, Automotive Engineer, CAD Technician, Computer/Hardware Engineer, Drafter, Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technician, Geothermal Engineer, Industrial Engineer/Technician, Manufacturing Engineer/Technician, Marine Engineer, Metallurgist, Product/Process Engineer, Survey Technician, Systems Engineer, Transportation Engineer

Applying for the IDEA Academy 
Applications are due to your school counselor by March 20, 2017 and packet to Phoebus High School by April 3, 2017

The Video and Media and Engineering and Technology programs have a prerequisite of Algebra I completion by the end of middle school.  Students must complete  the following
Applicants are instructed to return their application packages to their middle school counselor no later than Friday, March 20, 2016.   

View Each Academy course requirements and pathways 

 Engineering and Technology
Video and Media Technology
Information Technology