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Vision of PHS School Counseling Department
The Phoebus High School Guidance Department seeks to assist students in achieving academic success in school and acquiring skills and resources for future lifelong success. 

The Phoebus High School Guidance Department will assist students with academic planning and help students prepare for post-secondary education, training, and employment in order to become responsible citizens upon completion of high school.




PHS Guidance Counselors & Staff
Counselors Information

Mrs. Becky Flibotte                                     A - BA                   727-1026              
Counseling Coordinator, SAT and ACT Coordinator

Dr. Anne Sutton                                          BE-FL                   727-1021                
IDE Academy, Scholarships, 
Virtual Virginia

Name                                                             FO - LA                727-1039               
College Rep Contact, Special Programs, ASVAB/Military Contact

Name                                                       LE - R                    727-1093               
Financial Aid, Mediation

Mrs. Diane Hodges                                      S - Z                      727-1025                
NCAA/Clearinghouse, Pregnancy Support Counselor 


Mrs. Nicole Boston                     Graduation Specialist               727-1028                nboston@hampton.k12.va.us 

Mrs. Angela Riss                         Guidance Secretary                 

Felicia Harrington                  School Testing Coordinator         

Ms. G. Elazier-Harris           College and Career Coach             727-8506             gelazierharris@hampton.k12.va.us 

Ms. Bonita Solomon            Graduation Facilitator             727-8511             bvsolomon@hampton.k12.va.us